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Why Restoration

The looks of the building is highly dependant on the windows.Everything vintage around us is the architectural uniqueness which should be definitely maintained and carried on through time.In many cases, maintaining old architectural looks is required by law.
Vintage wooden windows are indicator of high quality product.After restoration of wooden products, it is much easier and cheaper to maintain the beauty of them – once per five years is usually recommended and it does not require a professional to do it.

Advantages of Wooden Products

Better Energy Class

Easy Maintenance


Environmentally Friendly


Maintenance Pack I

Current paint coating is removed and surfaces polished.Afterwards new paint is being applied and sealed with special silicone – this solution is meant to be conduct on site and is the most budget option.Eventhough the investment is slight, the results are astonishing – new fresh look with improved energy class.


Maintenance Pack II

Current coating is removed and polished.Before new paint coating, the surfaces are treated.Following by that, 2-3 paint layers are applied on surfaces.We also suggest changing moldings, which improves resistance the energy class of the product.
This solution requires transporting the products to our workshop.The maintenance in this package is done completely – every piece of detail are finished perfectly.A weatherproof material is installed in the building while there are no window(s).


Partial Restoration

Full restoration of outer frames which includes complete color removal, proportional milling of profiles and all necessary repairing.In addition, all moving mechanical parts are maintained and or replaced if necessary.Warranty 2 years.